Hot melt psa

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are a unique class of adhesives because they do not cure or react chemically when applied.

It is a kind of viscoelastic material that exhibits both viscous (flow) and elastic (resistance) properties.

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is usually placed on the substrate in the form of tape and applied with pressure. The adhesive will immediately have a certain initial viscosity, but will continue to flow on the surface.

Over time, the contact area will gradually increase and reach a higher level of strength.


One of the great advantages of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is that it can be bonded immediately, so there is no clamping or curing time.

They are unique in that it is not necessary to bond the adhesive to two substrates at the same time.

The tape can be applied to the first layer of substrate within one day, and then to the second layer of substrate after the same day, the next day or a few weeks.

This brings more convenience, including for many applications including assembly line process.


Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is often used in car seats, top covers and sub assembly strips of accessories; Building panels; Plastic wood; Signs; Transport box; Protective equipment, etc.

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