Pressure sensitive carpet tile adhesive

Pressure sensitive carpet tile adhesive is mainly composed of thermoplastic elastomer (such as SBS and SIS), tackifying resin, plasticizer, antioxidant and filler. Among them, its main component is thermoplastic elastomer SBS orSIS.

They are all thermoplastic, rubber elastic and excellent creep properties, which are suitable for the preparation of pressure-sensitive adhesives.


Pressure sensitive carpet tile adhesive is in the process of melting preparation, the polyisoprene chain segment in SIS is prone to thermal oxidation and fracture degradation, the melting viscosity decreases, and the initial viscosity of pressure-sensitive adhesive increases.

However, the thermal oxidation of polybutadiene segments in SBS tends to crosslink, the melt viscosity increases, and the viscosity retention and shear strength of pressure-sensitive adhesive increase.

When the two are mixed, it will avoid large fluctuations in the melt viscosity of the system, complement each other, and its cost is significantly reduced compared with SIS hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.


Pressure sensitive carpet tile adhesive has strong adhesion, good thermal stability, no impurities, good operability, good weather resistance, unique water resistance and waterproof.

It is used for bonding wood floor, carpet, band aid, medical breathable tape, color box packaging, carton packaging glue, back glue buckle, etc.

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