High temperature adhesive

High temperature adhesive is made of thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material, adding tackifying resin, diluent, antioxidant and filler.

Our company has long focused on the R & D and application of High temperature adhesive.

At present, there are many kinds of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive products, which are widely used in medical labels, automotive interiors and other industries.


High temperature adhesive has different viscosity at different temperatures. Improper temperature will affect its processability and bonding strength.

The available time of the glue is also called the opening time. The bonding process of hot melt adhesive is heating, bonding, cooling and curing.

In other words, with the slow drop of temperature after bonding, the viscosity of hot melt adhesive will slowly disappear and then cure.

Therefore, to achieve bonding, it must be completed within the available time, that is, the opening time of the adhesive must be mastered.


High temperature adhesive is mainly used for sealing express bags.

It can also be used for bonding and compounding back plastic bags, paper products, metal products, plastics and non-woven products.

It has the characteristics of good initial viscosity, strong adhesion holding force, no wire drawing, oil leakage resistance and so on.

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