hot melt psa

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a kind of adhesive that is sensitive to pressure and can be bonded with the adherend with a little pressure without using solvent or other auxiliary means.

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is the third generation of pressure-sensitive adhesive products after solvent-based and lotion pressure-sensitive adhesive. Compared with the former two, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is solvent-free, more conducive to environmental protection and safe production, with high production efficiency and relatively low production cost.



1) Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive has strong adhesion and durability;

2) It can be adhered only with finger pressure;

3) No energy source is required to activate;

4) Have enough ability to bind the adherend;

5) It has enough cohesive strength to remove it from the adherend.

6) Single component, basically 100% solid, mostly solvent-free, pollution-free and toxic, fast curing, packaging, transportation and use are very convenient.



Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is widely used in automobile industry, electronic industry, packaging, medical and health care, wood processing, double-sided tape, label wallpaper and so on.

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