Hot melt PSA adhesive

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a kind of polymer bonding material with thermoplastic polymer as the main raw material. It has both hot-melt and pressure-sensitive properties.

In the international market, because foreign enterprises have the advantages of technology, first mover, brand and quality, they occupy a dominant position in the global market.

After development and accumulation, China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is solid and has surface viscosity. It can be coated in the molten state.

There are many kinds of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives. According to different raw materials, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives can be divided into EVA, TPU and other types.

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive has the characteristics of non-toxic and tasteless, green and environmental protection, fast bonding speed and easy peeling.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is widely used in packaging, printing, automobile, construction, electronics, papermaking, sanitary materials and other fields.

Sanitary materials are the main application field of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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