Foamboard adhesive

Foamboard adhesive is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive with the latest, environmental protection and vigorous promotion.

All kinds of rubber blocks are made by mixing, heating and pressurizing synthetic rubber, resin, rubber oil, softener and antioxidant, and then heated to melt state by hot melt adhesive coater to make all kinds of tapes and films.

The adhesive has both hot melt and pressure sensitivity. The finished product is solid and has a variety of colors. It is convenient for storage, transportation and production. Moreover, it is safe, environmental friendly and pollution-free in the production process.


Foamboard adhesive is mainly composed of six parts: base material, plasticizer, tackifier, filler, antioxidant and thermoplastic elastomer.

The base material is a liquid material with fluidity or a material with certain fluidity under the participation of solvent, dispersant, heat and pressure.

Plasticizer is a kind of material that can reduce the glass transition temperature and melting temperature, improve brittleness and enhance melting fluidity.

It can be divided into two types: internal plasticizer and external plasticizer.

The tackifier has a wetting effect on the adhered object. Through surface diffusion or internal diffusion.

It can produce substances with high adhesion under certain conditions, temperature, pressure and time.


Foamboard adhesive can be used in the production of packaging, labels, clothing, shoemaking, construction, automobile, medical products and sanitary products, such as common packaging, packaging tape, transparent tape, various commodity labels, etc.

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