HMPSA glue

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive can be used to bond light thermoplastic parts.

The advantage of this adhesive is to provide fast viscosity and high treatment strength, so as to speed up the production speed.

The adhesive combines high heat resistance, relatively high strength and low creep.

These products can bring benefits to manufacturers, who can use heavy-duty bonding in exchange for faster production speed.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are a unique category of adhesives because they do not cure or react chemically when applied.

It is a viscoelastic material that exhibits both viscous (flow) and elastic (resistance) properties.

When it is usually placed on the substrate in the form of tape and applied pressure, the adhesive will immediately have a certain initial viscosity, but will continue to flow on the surface.

Over time, the contact area will gradually increase and reach a higher level of strength.

A major advantage of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is that it can be bonded immediately, so there is no clamping or curing time.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive applications include: POP display; Sample board and desktop display; Exhibitor stand; Foam insert of carrying case; Connection between fabric or panel and foam; And molded reinforced plastics for fabrics or lintels for furniture and automotive interiors.

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