Pressure sensitive flooring adhesive

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is a solid adhesive made of synthetic rubber and resin, tackifier and other components.

The adhesive is yellow and transparent. It is mainly used as hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive for paper products, leather products, film bonding and non-woven products.

It has the characteristics of good initial viscosity, strong adhesion, no wire drawing, oil leakage and so on.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. The service temperature shall not exceed 200 ℃ to avoid carbonization and decomposition.

Otherwise, the use temperature shall not be lower than the bonding strength.

During operation, the hot melt adhesive tank must be covered to prevent dust from falling into it.

At the same time, the principles of “first in, first out” and “melting amount” should be followed to ensure the service life and bonding effect of hot melt adhesive.

It should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. During storage and transportation, avoid moisture, exposure to the sun and baking at high temperature.


Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is mainly used for bonding plastics, metals, wood, paper, toys, electronics, furniture, leather, handicrafts, shoe materials, coating, ceramics, lampshade, pearl cotton, food packaging, speakers, etc.

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