PSA pressure sensitive adhesive

PSA pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of hot-melt agent, which is mainly composed of substrate, plasticizer, tackifier, filler, antioxidant and thermoplastic elastomer.

It is characterized by high strength and viscosity. It is especially suitable for pasting some PVC. Simple operation. Continuous use without carbonization.

It has the characteristics of fast bonding speed, high strength, aging resistance, good thermal stability and good toughness of adhesive film.


PSA pressure sensitive adhesive has developed rapidly due to the needs of high-speed operation, reasonable coating and elimination of solvent pollution.

It has the characteristics of solvent-free, large initial viscosity, good transparency, good aging resistance, wide bonding surface and convenient use.

It can be applied in the molten state, cooled and cured, and then applied with light finger pressure to play a bonding role.


PSA pressure sensitive adhesive is often used in express bag industry (express bag, bubble bag, envelope bag, kraft paper bag, sealing adhesive); Label industry (label, tape);

Home decoration industry (mattress, wooden floor, non stick pot, photo album frame, decorative painting, wall sticker, wallpaper, wooden floor, floor mat), etc.

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