3m hot melt adhesive

3m hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive based on thermoplastic elastomer. It has hot-melt and pressure-sensitive characteristics.

This product is solid. The production process has no solvent pollution, simple operation and high coating efficiency.

It is mainly used for female products, labels, packaging tapes and health care, such as sanitary napkins, commodity labels, box sealing packaging tapes, infusion stickers, band aids, medical tapes, etc.


3m hot melt adhesive lacks heat resistance. Emerging thermoplastic elastomers such as SEBS, SEPs and SBS are used to produce new hot melt adhesives with good heat resistance.

It can be used to make better medical tape, transparent film, label, etc.

At the same time, some newly developed hot melt adhesives are easy to separate and can be coated at low temperature. First, they have good thermal stability and more diversified properties.


3m hot melt adhesive is mainly used in (1) packaging products, such as BOPP tape, sealing paper tape, etc;

(2) Adhesive labels for commodity prices, cosmetics, etc;

(3) Textile products, such as car carpet composite cloth, carpet back gluing, etc;

(4) Daily necessities, such as stationery tape, adhesive plastic hook, etc.

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