Releasable pressure sensitive adhesive

Releasable pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of pressure sensitive adhesive, which can be bonded with the adherend without solvent or other auxiliary means.

Hot melt adhesive is the third generation of pressure sensitive adhesive products after solvent and emulsion type.

Compared with the first two, hot melt solvent-free is more conducive to environmental protection and safe production, with high production efficiency and relatively low production cost.


Releasable pressure sensitive adhesive is mainly composed of six parts: base material, plasticizer, tackifier, filler, antioxidant and thermoplastic elastomer.

  1. Base material is the main component of pressure-sensitive adhesive, including resin type and rubber type.
  2. Plasticizer is a kind of material that can reduce glass transition temperature and melting temperature, improve brittleness and enhance melting fluidity.
  3. Tackifier has wetting effect on the adhered object, and can produce high adhesion substances under certain conditions, temperature, pressure and time.
  4. Fillers in adhesive components can change their properties and reduce costs.
  5. Antioxidants are compounds that can prevent or inhibit the oxidation process.
  6. Thermoplastic elastomer has low modulus, low solution viscosity and melt viscosity, and has good processing properties, such as coating performance.


Releasable pressure sensitive adhesive is mainly used for various polishing, polishing, calendering, PP composite and other pet and PP transparent boxes.

It can also be used for film and non-woven product bonding, cosmetic box packaging, food box packaging, cigarette box packaging, Tetra Pak beverage packaging, etc.

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