HMPSA for shoes

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a thermoplastic adhesive, which is solid at room temperature, but liquefied at high temperature. It can be used for shoe bonding.

The molten liquid moistens the base material. When the adhesive layer cools and hardens, it forms a bond.

The melting temperature is 65 ℃ ~180 ℃.

Since it does not contain any solid with 100% solvent, it can meet the most stringent air pollution prevention regulations.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive has the following advantages for shoe bonding:

The curing speed is fast, which reduces the compression required for gluing, improves the production speed and saves equipment space.

It has water resistance and good storage stability.

100% solid, less waste, which can reduce transportation and storage costs.

A wide range of adhesive base materials can be automated.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive can not only be used for shoe bonding.

It can also be used for sanitary cotton, paper diapers, garment fitting, suture joining, etc.

It can also be used for weaving products, including ready-made clothes, sewing edges, adhesive tapes, carpet back glue.

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