HMPSA for carpet composite

HMPSA for carpet composite is a double-sided adhesive tape with gauze as the base material, PE on both sides, silicone isolation agent coated, double-sided isolation paper as the backing and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive coated.

It is widely used in sewing, splicing and sealing in the decoration of carpet industry.


HMPSA for carpet composite is environment-friendly, odorless, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, stable double-sided adhesion, high stripping force, good fixing effect, and no residual adhesive is stripped after use.

  1. Environmental protection and no harmful substances: polymer hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is an environmental protection material without harmful solvents;
  2. Fast bonding speed: heating and pressing, cooling and bonding;
  3. Temperature resistance, washing resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics: R & D and modification can be carried out according to customer needs.


HMPSA for carpet composite is used for carpet edge sealing, advanced wear-resistant tape for exhibition layout, and also for fixing advertising curtain walls.

HMPSA for carpet composite is a kind of high viscosity double-sided adhesive for mesh, with a thickness of 280u. It is generally used for large-scale outdoor advertising, exhibition, mold and printing.

And high-end hotels, conference hall carpet paste fixed anti-skid and other functions.

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