Hot melt adhesive film

Hot melt adhesive film is an important adhesive in the composite industry. With its rich specifications, models and characteristics, it can meet the composite bonding of products in many industries.

For example, in the building materials industry, hot-melt adhesive film composite products are: seamless wall cloth, curtains, carpets and even furniture boards.


Hot melt adhesive film is not a simple specification. For example, there are two types of seamless wall cloth composite, EVA and PA.

EVA is used as back glue on the back of seamless wall cloth; PA is mainly the composite processing of wall cloth.

The difference between perforated and non perforated is the air permeability.

The bonding strength and characteristics of perforated and non perforated with the same specification will not change, but the air permeability of perforated hot-melt adhesive film is better.


At present, hot melt adhesive film is mainly used in the processing and production of automotive interior and sanitary materials.

Such as carpet assembly composite in automotive interior, composite of automotive interior flannelette, etc;

Sanitary materials are mainly used in combination with sanitary napkins and diaphragms.

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