HMPSA for catch files

HMPSA for catch files uses hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive as adhesive, It is mainly used for products of armyworm (flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches), such as armyworm board, rat sticking board, cockroach house, insect luring board, armyworm paper, fly luring ball, etc.

The surface of the product is coated with Super Viscous armyworm glue, which is added with new lures. Adults are lured to the surface of the product through visual stimulation, olfactory stimulation, sexual stimulation and so on.


HMPSA for catch files is an environment-friendly product.

In the process of use, it should ensure the minimum harm to the environment, so as to replace traditional pesticides and reduce environmental pollution;

Therefore, viscose glue should have the following characteristics to ensure adhesion to insects.

  1. Strong weather resistance: it has good weather resistance. The finished products can be exposed to the sun for more than 3 months, maintain good viscosity, and catch large insects such as fruit flies.
  2. Good initial adhesion: the finished product can easily catch the mosquitoes as soon as they touch it, so that the mosquitoes can stick and can’t escape.
  3. Height of vertical flow point: the glue is not smooth after direct sunlight for 1 month, and the glue is evenly dispersed.


HMPSA for catch files is a special device that uses physical methods to kill insects, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other four pests.

It is non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, not affected by climate and can be reused.

It is suitable for indoor environments such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants, warehouses and residents’ families, as well as places where it is not convenient to release insect drugs.

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