Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film

Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film is a kind of hot melt adhesive film with flame retardant function. As a high polymer material, hot melt adhesive film belongs to inflammables.

However, on many occasions, it is necessary to put forward the functional requirements for flame retardant of adhesive products, so as to make the finished products have a higher fire and flame retardant grade, increase the safety of its use, and avoid safety accidents in the process of use.


Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film is prepared with flame retardant in its raw material formula during production, and the flame retardant and raw material particles are blended and granulated.

Then the particles are put into the film production machine, and then the flame-retardant hot-melt adhesive film is produced after coating or casting.

Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film mainly plays four roles in the process of flame retardant, namely heat absorption, covering, inhibiting reaction and asphyxiation.


Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film is currently used. Although it is not very much, its function is very important in application.

Generally, it has a certain range of applications in the field of electronics and decorative building materials.

These fields often involve the requirements of fire prevention, so there will be a demand for fire prevention and flame retardant materials.

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