Adhesive waterproof coiled material

Adhesive waterproof coiled material is composed of main material, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, surface anti sticking protective layer and isolation material.

It is bonded with post cast concrete and is a waterproof coiled material to prevent water channeling on the bonding surface. There are many factors affecting its product performance.

Among them, the hot-melt adhesive needs to organically combine organic materials (waterproof coiled materials) with inorganic materials (sand and cement mortar) to achieve the effect of skin water channeling prevention, which is a very important factor.


The recommended temperature of Adhesive waterproof coiled material is 155 ℃ – 180 ℃.

If the glue temperature is lower than 155 ℃, there are risks such as uneven gluing, slow sol speed and poor bonding effect to the substrate.

If the glue temperature is higher than 180 ℃ for a long time, it is easy to oxidize and deteriorate the colloid and form carbides.

If the temperature is low in winter, the glue temperature and quantity shall be appropriately increased; If the temperature is high in summer, the glue temperature can be reduced appropriately.


Adhesive waterproof coiled material can be used in traffic tunnel engineering: railway, high-speed railway, subway, intercity rail, high-speed railway and other tunnel engineering.

Underground works: basement and civil air defense works of civil and industrial buildings.

Environmental protection projects: landfill, wastewater treatment plant, metallurgical, chemical and other tailings treatment plants.

Water conservancy projects: anti seepage projects such as reservoirs, artificial lakes and canals.

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