Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive

Hot melt adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive.

It is mainly a new type of adhesive tape made of synthetic rubber, resin and rubber oil, which is mixed and heated to melt state, and then coated on cotton paper, cloth or plastic film.

Its biggest advantage is low cost, and the defect is that the viscosity is obviously affected by temperature.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is generally composed of polymer elastomer, such as SIS, SBS, tackifier, plasticizer, filler and antioxidant.

It is mainly thermoplastic elastomer, i.e. SBS and SIS thermoplastic elastomer.

SBS, also known as thermoplastic styrene butadiene rubber, is a thermoplastic elastomer. It not only has the solubility and thermoplastic of polystyrene, but also has the flexibility and resilience of CIS butadiene rubber.

SBS has good solubility and is compatible with many polymers. It does not need high-temperature vulcanization.

Adding resin and tackifier can reduce its melt viscosity. It is very suitable for preparing hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.


Hot melt adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive is mainly used for all kinds of sealing, sealing, paper packaging, beverage bottle labels and aluminum foil sealing.

At the same time, it is also used for waterproof coiled material, express, flexible packaging and environmental protection paper tray. It is suitable for all kinds of materials.

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