Heat resistant adhesive

Heat resistant adhesive are mainly solvent or latex adhesives of acrylic and rubber systems.

Due to the needs of high-speed operation, reasonable coating and elimination of solvent pollution, warm melt pressure-sensitive adhesive has been developed, which integrates the characteristics of hot melt adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive.

It has no solvent, large initial adhesion, good transparency, good aging resistance, wide bonding surface and convenient use.


Heat resistant adhesive shall have a certain pressing force when laminating.

Large pressing force can expand the hot-melt adhesive, reduce the temperature faster, cure faster and have better adhesion strength.

The construction method and amount of glue will affect the bonding strength.

Therefore, the construction method and amount of hot melt adhesive must be considered according to the needs of adhesion.

Store in a cool and dry environment and avoid direct sunlight. The storage temperature shall be lower than 35 ℃ and away from fire source and heat source.

It can be stored for 1-2 years.


Heat resistant adhesive is often used in (1) medical supplies, such as medical breathable tape, medicine stickers, disposable surgical clothes, etc;

(2) Textile products, such as car carpet composite cloth, carpet back gluing, etc;

(3) Daily necessities, such as stationery tape, adhesive plastic hook, etc;

(4) Pressure sensitive adhesive products for special purposes, such as flame retardant tape, luminous tape, magnetic tape, etc.

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