HMPSA for cloth tape

HMPSA for cloth tape is made of polyethylene and gauze fiber thermal composites.

Its plastic surface is coated with release agent, and its fiber surface is coated with hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.

It is a kind of high viscosity tape with balanced stripping force, initial viscosity, tensile resistance, oil and wax resistance, aging resistance and temperature resistance.

HMPSA for cloth tape overcomes the disadvantage that the tape loses adhesion in winter, and can be used to adapt to different temperatures and maintain viscosity.


HMPSA for cloth tape uses hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive as adhesive, and its main component is synthetic resin. Synthetic resin is a kind of macromolecular active material, and the temperature has a certain influence on the molecular activity. The initial adhesion of normal cloth base tape is very strong, and the thickness is generally 22 microns.

Color: Brown, black, white, silver, red, green, blue, yellow,

Thickness: 0.13MM, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm

Characteristics: high viscosity, waterproof, environmental protection, stickiness, high insulation and easy tearing.


HMPSA for cloth tape is mainly used for carton sealing, carpet joint splicing, heavy binding, waterproof packaging, etc. At present, it is also frequently used in automobile industry, paper industry and electromechanical industry. It is used in places with good waterproof measures such as automobile cab, chassis and cabinet. Easy die cutting.

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