Fiberglass tape

Fiberglass tape is a tool for repairing the joints of dry board walls and gypsum boards. It is characterized by excellent alkali resistance and durability. Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is used as adhesive.

When using glass fiber adhesive tape to repair the wall gap, keep the wall clean and dry, stick adhesive tape on the crack, and press it tightly. Confirm that the gap has been covered by adhesive tape, then cut off the excess adhesive tape with a knife, and finally brush with mortar. Let it dry naturally, and then grind it gently to make it as clean as new.


  1. Heat and cold resistance. The temperature range during continuous use can reach – 100 ~ 260 ℃.
  2. 0.13MM thick high temperature resistant adhesive tape is used for sealing machine with proper heat transfer and heat insulation performance.
  1. The rubber free surface is smooth and non stick, low friction and wear resistance, and has good self-lubricating property.
  2. The adhesive surface is highly sticky, and the imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is used, which is firm at high temperature.
  3. It has good insulation effect on high voltage electricity.
  4. Corrosion resistance, light resistance, oxidation resistance, no chemical reaction to chemicals or solvents.

Fiberglass tape has high tensile strength and deformation resistance, crack resistance, no deterioration, no foam, excellent self adhesion, insulation, heat conduction and high temperature resistance. There is no need to apply primer in advance, which is fast to use and easy to construct.


Fiberglass tape is applicable to dry board wall, gypsum board joint repair, LCD, FPC / PCB and other optoelectronic industries, plastic bag heat sealing machine, high-speed sealing machine, food and drug packaging industry, hot melt glue machine, sewing locomotive, peeling machine, and other places requiring high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and anti adhesion.

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