HMPSA for couple

HMPSA for couple uses hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive as adhesive.

When using, first dry the oil and water on the surface of the object, and then press it with force against the surface of the object.

After five minutes, you can hang the object. There are also two pieces of spare glue in the product package.

If you want to change the place of the adhesive hook, first cut it with a knife close to the back of the adhesive hook, and then use a lighter to melt the prepared glue particles on the back of the adhesive hook and stick it to any position you want to stick.


  1. HMPSA for couple is to wipe the wall clean before use. The place where the hook is stuck must be as smooth and flat as possible to increase the contact area between the viscous material and the wall as much as possible.
  2. Before pasting, wipe the wall with a wet cloth to remove dust, and then wipe off the water with a dry cloth (or paper towel).
  3. Wait for half an hour after drying the wall to ensure that the water evaporates completely, and the effect is better.
  4. After pasting, press the adhesive hook by hand for at least 1 minute to ensure that the adhesive is fully bonded to the wall.
  5. Do not hang heavy objects immediately. Generally, the effect will be better if you stick the hook and wait for a period of time before using it.


HMPSA for couple is applicable to the metal coating surface of wooden board, ceramic tile, metal plate, plate wall, ceramic tile, glass, refrigerator and washing machine.

Not suitable for soil wall, wallpaper, cloth, artificial leather and other places.

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