Special adhesive for panty liner

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is a special hot melt structural adhesive that can be used for disposable sanitary products. It has light color and low odor.

It has the characteristics of good operability, strong wettability and permeability to the substrate, high initial strength and adhesive force.

It is used for the back layer of sanitary napkin. Its function is to stick the sanitary napkin on the underwear so that it will not move.


It has moderate stripping force for all kinds of underwear fabrics, and the stripping force is not very sensitive to the change of glue thickness;

Good transfer resistance and high cohesive strength;

It has wide adaptability to seasons and regions, and still has good initial viscosity in low temperature environment;

The normal temperature aging performance is good. After long-term storage, the peeling force and color of the back glue have little change;


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive has a wide range of applications, not only for diapers, women’s products, disposable sanitary products.

It can also be used for double-sided tape, label, packaging, medical and health care, surface protective film, wallpaper and shoe making.

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