HMPSA for bandage

HMPSA for bandage is made of pure cotton cotton cloth coated with hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, non-woven fabric, intramuscular effect patch, elastic cloth, medical degreasing gauze, spandex cotton fiber, elastic non-woven fabric and natural rubber.

The elastic bandage has uniform luster, neat incision, no odor, stain, exposed burr and other defects; The breaking force shall not be less than 10N / cm; Self adhesion shall not be less than 3N / cm; Elongation shall not be less than 50%; No skin irritation.


HMPSA for bandage is woven with natural fibers. The material is soft and highly elastic.

It is mainly used for surgical dressing care. A rolled, tubular, triangular material usually made of textile processing.

Its shape can fix the wound dressing or restrict the limb movement in the form of binding, so as to play an indirect auxiliary role in wound healing.

Some have elastic or self-adhesive properties. Non sterile, disposable. No direct contact with the wound. The sticking part shall be intact skin.

It is easy to use, beautiful and generous, suitable pressure, good air permeability, not easy to infection, conducive to rapid wound healing, rapid bandage, no allergy, and does not affect the patient’s daily life.


Self adhesive elastic bandage is suitable for sports, training, outdoor sports, surgical and orthopedic wound dressing, limb fixation, limb sprain, soft tissue injury.

Provide binding force for wound dressing or limbs to bind and fix.

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