Construction adhesive for sanitary napkin

Construction adhesive for sanitary napkin is an important sanitary product for women. The quality will directly affect their health. The product will use hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive in processing.

Hot melt adhesive is a plastic adhesive. Its physical state changes with the change of temperature within a certain temperature range, while its chemical properties remain unchanged.

It is non-toxic and tasteless. It is an environmental friendly chemical product, which has been widely used in the sanitary material industry.


Construction adhesive for sanitary napkin are many places where adhesives are used (other sanitary materials will use adhesives).

Most of these adhesives are hot-melt adhesives. The role of hot-melt adhesives is composite.

Construction adhesive for sanitary napkin use hot melt adhesive mesh. The middle layer needs multi-layer lamination, and the hot-melt adhesive mesh film can complete multi-layer lamination at one time to improve the efficiency of the production line.

In addition, it is particularly important that the hot melt adhesive has non-toxic and environmental protection characteristics, which makes it more in line with the glue demand of the sanitary material industry.

The non-toxic and environmental protection characteristics of hot melt adhesive mesh film benefit from its special processing technology.

The whole production process is carried out in a high-temperature environment, in which those harmful substances have been volatilized.


Construction adhesive for sanitary napkin is favored for its simple production process, high added value, high bonding strength and fast speed.

Heat is mostly used for medical and sanitary materials, such as sanitary napkins, wet towel covers, diapers, etc.

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