HMPSA for medical care

HMPSA for medical care is a cross-linked pressure sensitive adhesive prepared by free radical copolymerization of a variety of acrylate monomers in organic solvents.

It is characterized by strong adhesion, heat resistance, cold resistance, colorless and transparent, little environmental pollution and strong resistance to natural aging.

HMPSA for medical care is directly applied by the coater, but the temperature and adhesive amount need to be adjusted according to different climate and products.


  1. Colorless and tasteless appearance;
  2. The product is free of impurities, solvents and volatile substances;
  3. It has a certain bonding strength to fiber materials, with constant strength and stable performance;
  4. Good thermal stability, not easy to leak and anti stick, and long development time;
  5. It can adapt to automatic process equipment such as fiber spraying, spiral spraying, scraping and multi strip spraying.

Medical hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive shall not bring water and other impurities. Fireworks are strictly prohibited. Pay attention to fire prevention.

The remaining colloid shall be covered and sealed in time to avoid long-term exposure to the air, thickening of colloid and dilution of solvent.


  1. Disposable surgical clothes, masks, hats, sleeves, etc;
  2. Medical breathable tape, medical fixed small tape and disposable fistula tape are coated by extrusion process;
  3. Medical cloth tape and PVC band aid. Hot melt adhesive coating for PVC wound paste has obvious advantages, because PVC has plasticizer, the traditional process needs primer, while hot melt adhesive coating does not need it;
  4. Magnetic patch. This is made by removing the medical magnetic powder on the adhesive film. At present, Shanghai mange and other units are producing it;
  5. Transdermal patch. It is composed of a controlled-release film and a substrate coated with HMPSA for medical care.
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