HMPSA for healing plaster

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive can be used in band aids.

Human skin has certain respirability, but also different differences such as oiliness, sweating, dryness and so on;

In view of these differences, it is necessary to ensure the firmness of the adhesive and the excellent anti sensitization and odor of the material itself when selecting the adhesive.

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive meets the sensitization standard of medical accessories, and provides safe and good skin affinity adhesive products for different bonding effects.


Low sensitization rate: through the “skin sensitization test report”, the sensitization rate is low;

Light smell and smooth construction: it has passed SGS environmental protection certification and meets environmental protection standards;

Moderate adhesive strength: stick for a long time, not easy to fall off; Easy fit without warping; Easy peeling, no residual glue.


Usually, this product is mainly used for band aid and back glue.

In addition, it can also be used for double-sided adhesive tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, post it notes, labels, cotton tape and book binding.

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