Construction adhesive for diapers

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive can be used as structural adhesive for diapers.

The production process of diapers is a relatively complex combination process, which is composed of many materials, such as surface layer, spinning cloth, wicking body, PE composite bottom film, magic buckle and front waist patch, side leakage proof spinning cloth, rubber band, etc;

The combination of the above materials is bonded by hot melt adhesive, which is the production technology of all diapers before.

It can be seen that hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive exists in the production process of normal diapers.


Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive. Its physical state will change with the temperature in a certain high temperature range;

But its chemical properties will not change. At the same time, heat is also a non-toxic and tasteless environmental friendly chemical product.

It is a relatively heavy presence in the production process of diapers.


Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive can stick and combine the surface non-woven fabric, water absorbent core, PE composite bottom film, magic buckle, front waist sticker, anti side leakage non-woven fabric, rubber band and other materials of diapers to make diapers.

In addition, it can also be used in paper processing, assembly line packaging, shoemaking industry, catching mice and flies, tape trademark coating and other fields.

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