Construction adhesive for sanitary napkins

Construction adhesive for sanitary napkins is generally constructed by a glue sprayer. The purpose is to stick the surface, bottom and internal structural materials of sanitary napkins together so that they will not move or break.

Generally speaking, the amount of glue spraying needs to be moderate. Too much spraying will make the hand feel of sanitary napkins hard and affect the comfort of use.

Therefore, when using structural adhesive, it is necessary to spray adhesive as little as possible under the condition of ensuring that all layers of materials are firmly bonded.


The glue spraying methods of the glue spraying machine include fiber glue spraying, screw glue spraying, etc. The sanitary napkin shall be soft with good liquid penetration effect. The hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive shall not be reverse osmosis and shall not affect the product appearance.

Therefore, it is generally recommended to use spiral glue spraying for construction. The compressed air is sprayed at different angles through a plurality of air holes in the spiral nozzle to rotate and stretch the hot-melt adhesive wire and evenly spray it on the bonding material.


The hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is yellow and transparent, with rosin smell, high peel strength, good aging resistance, and high bonding strength of non-woven fabrics.

It can be used to compound common non-woven fabrics, absorbent paper sanitary napkins, diapers, pull-up pants, adult pants and other substrates.

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