Special adhesive for non woven fabric lamination

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is used for composite bonding of non-woven fabric materials.

It is difficult to select the type of composite bonding between non-woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics. Theoretically, hot melt adhesives can be used as composite adhesives.

However, if the water washing resistance should be considered for this kind of composite, it can be selected from three types of hot melt adhesives: PA, PES and TPU.


The gluing method is glue spraying or glue rolling, and the operating temperature is 155-165 ℃.

If there is carbon deposit in the rubber box or hose, it can be cleaned with ordinary paraffin or mineral oil, and then washed with hot melt adhesive at about 120 ℃.

The adhesive consistency of this product can be adjusted by temperature; It shall not be mixed with other brands of hot melt adhesive.

After feeding the hot melt glue tank, the cover of the glue tank shall be closed immediately to prevent foreign contamination.


The hot melt adhesive is yellowish and transparent, and is mainly used for bonding and compounding non-woven fabric products;

It can also be used for band aids, paper products and plastic products; It has the characteristics of strong adhesion and no wire drawing.

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