HMPSA for sticking-plaster

HMPSA for sticking-plaster contains glue. Medicine glue is also a kind of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.

It is an important part of making plaster to increase the viscosity of plaster. At the same time, it is also the carrier of drug components in plaster.

The plaster glue and drug ingredients are sprayed on the non-woven fabric with a plaster spraying machine, and then processed by a plaster forming machine to become a plaster paste. Its characteristics must comply with national medical standards.


  1. When making the plaster, the hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive and traditional Chinese medicine powder should be mixed into the plaster, with a ratio of about 3:1.
  2. The traditional Chinese medicine powder in the ointment can be divided into thickness.
  3. The coarse powder is generally made into flow extract, but the fine powder is different from the coarse powder.
  4. Put the hot-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive into a hot pot, heat it to melt (the temperature is about 80 ℃), slowly add the powder at the temperature of 60 ~ 70 ℃, and stir evenly.
  5. Finally, slowly add the flow extract and azone (the ratio is controlled at 1000:10) at the temperature of about 40 ℃.
  6. And then continue to stir and spread the paste Each plaster is about 25 ~ 30 grams.


HMPSA for sticking-plaster is mainly used to treat sores and boils, reduce swelling and pain, etc. drugs with thick smell are taken from the plaster, which can penetrate into the skin to produce anti-inflammatory, analgesic, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, etc.

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