Medical hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive

Medical hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is mainly a new type of adhesive tape made of synthetic rubber, resin and rubber oil mixed and heated into a molten state, and then coated on cotton paper, non-woven fabric or plastic film.

Medical hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is a classification of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is widely used in the processing of medical and health products such as medical adhesive tape, infusion paste, wound paste and so on.


Hypoallergenic. The medical hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive products in use will not stimulate the skin, such as redness, itching, small papules and other allergic reactions.

Air permeability. The product has good air permeability, greatly reduces the skin allergy, and makes the skin breathe as usual after being covered by adhesive products.

Adhesion. People’s skin is different from dry and oily, there are also differences between dense hair and no hair, as well as smooth and rough.

The product can meet the needs of most people’s skin. It can be pasted on the skin.

It can still maintain a certain adhesion under the condition of skin perspiration and body fluid secretion in a humid or muggy environment, and does not tilt up and fall off quickly.

Suitable for disinfection treatment. The adhesive plaster and wound plaster applied to the wound shall be disinfected.

And the adhesive products will not deteriorate due to the disinfectant. Gamma ray and drill ray disinfection have little effect on glue.


Medical hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is used for medical products such as medical tape, elastic bandage, wound paste, surgical incision film and so on.

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