HMPSA for medical tape

HMPSA for medical tape is composed of base material and adhesive coating. The adhesive coating adopts hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the base material adopts non-woven fabric, PE film or cotton cloth.

It is suitable for surgical fixed dressings and light catheters, and is more suitable for the fixation of large-area post-operative wound protection, such as gauze fixation and post-operative dressing fixation; Fixation of infusion tube, plaster or other therapeutic dressing, other general fixation.


  1. Non toxic and non irritating, with good air permeability.
  2. Good flexibility, easy to unwind and easy to operate.
  3. Moderate viscosity, reliable adhesion and fixation, and no skin damage during tearing.

When usingHMPSA for medical tape appropriate specifications shall be selected according to the use object and needs; Do not paste the product directly on the wound;

The product is aseptic packaging, which is forbidden if the packaging is damaged (there is no such requirement for non aseptic products);

It is a disposable product, which is forbidden to be reused; please use it within the validity period of the product.

When using the medical adhesive tape, clean the adhesive part, tear it off according to the required length after it is slightly dry.

And gently caress and press it from the center of the adhesive tape to both sides to make it closely adhere to the skin.


HMPSA for medical tape is a kind of medical sanitary materials, which is mainly used for fixing wounds, fixing drugs, wound masking materials and so on.

The adhesive tape has no allergy, no toxicity, no side effects, good air permeability, no skin contamination and long-lasting viscosity.

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