HMPSA for cleaning drum

HMPSA for cleaning drum is designed into a drum shape with polyethylene film as the base material. The sticky dust film is provided with a pre cutting line, and the edge of the drum is provided with a stripping port to facilitate stripping;

The colloid is hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, which ensures no degumming and is convenient to use with the handle; PE pipe ring core is adopted, which is clean without pollution and keeps the drum from deformation;

It can not only remove the dust, but also avoid the secondary pollution caused by traditional tools such as rags, water washing and brooms to the products and purification workshop.


  1. HMPSA for cleaning drum can quickly remove small dust particles, with a variety of viscosity options, high strength, good performance, good abrasion resistance, moisture and temperature resistance, non-toxic, rust and pollution.
  2. The formula ensures that the product is highly viscous and durable, not easy to aging and chip falling.
  3. Feel comfortable when using, and the roller rotates freely.
  4. It can remove small pollutants and can be recycled with sticky paper.


HMPSA for cleaning drum, As long as you roll on the surface of the object that needs to be cleaned like painting the wall, you can quickly remove the small particles, impurities, fibers, dust, etc.

On the surface of various electronic products, so as to improve the quality and yield of electronic products.

In the production process, the dust paper is used circularly, which can ensure the self-adhesion of the rubber wheel and prolong its service life.

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