HMPSA for sponge and foam tape

HMPSA for sponge and foam tape is made of EVA foam as the base material, coated with hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or both sides, and then made of strippable isolation paper.

Strong viscosity, good aging resistance, excellent sealing and elasticity. It is suitable for the bonding of rough surface objects and the fixation of light and small materials.

It is widely used for the fixation and bonding of automobile decoration, shockproof, thermal insulation, object suspension, insulation and thermal insulation of electrical refrigeration engineering, nameplate, nameplate, wallpaper, etc.


  1. HMPSA for sponge and foam tape can be used directly. In order to improve the fastness and washability, 3-5% special curing agent can be added and stirred evenly.
  2. This product is suitable for roller coating, scraping coating, etc. If the sponge fits with the cloth, the gluing surface is sponge. The gluing amount is 25-40g / m ², Adjust according to different fabric requirements.
  3. HMPSA for sponge and foam tape is glued and needs to be hot pressed at 150-200 ℃ for about 15 seconds, wound and placed for 24 hours.


  1. Automobile industry: automobile label pasting, automobile decorative strip, sealing strip, weather shield, air outlet, lamp, etc;
  2. Household appliance industry: nameplate fixing and bonding, panel fixing and other structural fixing;
  3. Mobile digital consumer peripheral products: fixed visual window and touch screen, fixed mobile flat camera;
  4. Daily use: electronic scales, water dispensers, refrigerators, air conditioners and other white appliances, hooks, decorations and photo albums are fixed.
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