Special adhesive for absorbent paper

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is more and more popular in the market because of its convenient construction, strong viscosity, safety and environmental protection.

Hot melt adhesive can be seen on disposable sanitary products.

It can be used for the gluing of absorbent paper to make it stick together and play a fixing role without displacement.


The hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive has moderate peeling force on various materials;

Good transfer resistance and high cohesive strength;

It has wide adaptability to seasons and regions, and still has good initial viscosity in low temperature environment;

Light color, low odor, less sensitive to ultraviolet light;

Good operating performance, moderate temperature, easy to apply, safe, non-toxic, non allergic.


Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive can be used for bonding non-woven fabric and PE film besides water absorbent paper; Adhesive elastic waistline and PE back film;

It has good thermal stability, appropriate opening time, excellent adhesion, no scald, no migration, and good performance.

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