HMPSA for protective clothing

HMPSA for protective clothing is made of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is the main reason for maintaining high sealing of protective clothing.

After other process manufacturing procedures of protective clothing are completed, all needle and suture seams of protective clothing shall be sealed by pressing glue with heat sealing machine for all-round protection, so as to make bacteria and other harmful substances seamless and drillable.


HMPSA for protective clothing is a non-woven heat sealing product. After sewing protective clothing, the lathe worker needs to press glue and seal all pins and pinholes on the protective clothing through the glue press.

This can prevent dust or liquid from entering from the sewing pinhole and improve the isolation performance and use safety of protective clothing. It is soft, light, beautiful, fast and firm.

HMPSA for protective clothing makes medical protective clothing not only have good sealing and filtration, but also maintain good air permeability.


HMPSA for protective clothing, also known as heat sealing tape, is widely used in various non-woven fabrics and EVA coated fabrics, such as medical protective clothing, isolation clothing and sports clothing.

It can also be used for elastic fabrics, sports slim jackets, trouser legs, seamless underwear, ski suits, diving suits, waterproof bags, yacht covers, seamless tents, etc.

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