HMPSA for infusion plaster

HMPSA for infusion plaster can be used as the adhesive of infusion paste, which has the advantages of convenience, ventilation, sanitation and so on.

When using, please follow the following steps: first fix the needle; Then tear off the anti sticking paper;

Secondly, the non viscous absorption pad of the infusion paste is covered at the position of the needle eye;

Finally, fix part of the catheter to make it smooth, and pay attention to be flush with the surrounding skin.


  1. HMPSA for infusion plaster are disposable consumables and should not be reused;
  2. Once the package is found to be damaged, stop using the product immediately;
  3. Do not touch the absorbent pad of the infusion paste to avoid infection;
  4. The adhesive tape can only be attached to the intact part of the skin, and must not be directly covered on the damaged part of the wound, so as not to affect the body and cause concurrent problems;
  5. If you are allergic to the adhesive tape, you must pay more attention when using the medical infusion paste and remind the nurses of their own situation in advance to avoid unnecessary pain;
  6. The product itself has a shelf life and is not a product that can be used forever. Therefore, pay attention to the shelf life when using it. Do not use products beyond the shelf life.


HMPSA for infusion plaster can fix the needle handle of the infusion catheter during the infusion process to protect the infusion or puncture site.

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