HMPSA for vehicle

HMPSA for vehicle is the most environmentally friendly adhesive and suitable for high-speed automatic assembly line operation.

The automotive industry needs a large number of fast bonding adhesives that can adapt to high-speed automatic production and environmental protection.

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives can just meet all the above requirements. Therefore, hot melt adhesives are more and more widely used in the automotive industry, and their usage is also increasing year by year.

They have become irreplaceable adhesives in the automotive industry.


  1. Fast curing speed, suitable for modern high-speed assembly line operation.
  2. There are a wide range of bonding materials. Automobile is mainly composed of a large number of metal and non-metal parts, which is suitable for the bonding of such products. Such as ABS, PP, PE, felt, etc. widely used in automobiles.
  3. The construction is convenient. There are many glue application methods, such as spraying, roller coating, scraping and so on.
  4. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is 100% solid content, convenient storage, energy saving, environmental protection, non-toxic, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
  5. Nowadays, the world is short of resources. Many automobile companies have considered the recycling of resources after scrapping when producing automobiles.


HMPSA for vehicle has the characteristics of rapid curing.

It is widely used in the bonding of automobile roof, automobile door panel, automobile carpet, automobile harness, tire protection, automobile label, automobile filter element, lamp, bridge instrument panel.

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