HMPSA for Automobile wire harness tape

HMPSA for Automobile wire harness tape is mainly used for fixing automobile wires.

With the development of automobile industry and the improvement of design concept, the requirements of wire bundles at different functional parts for the use of tape and tape performance have diversified.

Tapes of various styles and different material characteristics have appeared in the whole automobile industry, providing a strong guarantee for the protection and performance improvement of automobile harness.


HMPSA for Automobile wire harness tape can be divided into three categories according to material and characteristics: PVC tape; Duct tape; Sponge tape.

The base material of PVC tape is soft PVC film, and the viscose is an adhesive layer with hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive as the main material.

It has good characteristics of temperature resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and flame retardancy.

Sponge tape is made of high-density flame-retardant sponge as the base material and coated with hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive.

It is shockproof, noise reduction, easy to tear, good water resistance and low temperature resistance.


HMPSA for Automobile wire harness tape is widely used. Its function is to bind wires, protect wires, make insulating protective layer, absorb sound and reduce noise, mark, fix, etc.

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