Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive can be used to make invisible car clothing.

The car’s invisible car clothing is mainly divided into three parts: coating, substrate and adhesive layer.

The coating is located in the top layer, followed by the substrate. These two parts mainly play a role in resisting external damage. As the bottom layer, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive plays a pivotal role in connecting automotive paint and substrate.


High cohesion, high peeling force, suitable for high-performance special tape such as invisible car clothing.

High temperature resistance, 200 ℃ for 30 minutes, no residue or blister.

Solvent resistant, no degumming after soaking in ketone solvent for 30 minutes, plasticizer resistant and moisture resistant.

High adhesion, 80 ℃ 1kg adhesion for more than one week.

Aging resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation for 3000 hours.

Resistant to electrolyte, no residue or yellowing at 85 ℃ for 72 hours.


The car clothing made of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive has the advantages of high viscosity, good initial adhesion, no residual adhesive, no edge warping, stable performance and so on.

At the same time, it can also be used for all kinds of plastic composite non-woven fabrics, bags, shoe materials, car bodies, etc.

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