HMPSA for car

HMPSA for car has obvious advantages in ensuring the perfect appearance of the weld. General automobile manufacturers still take the traditional welding, riveting and other processes as the main assembly methods in the process of large-scale body assembly.

This new material and process can not only meet the performance requirements of structural bonding, but also ensure the flatness and beauty of the body surface, so as to achieve the effects of shock absorption, rust prevention, noise reduction and sealing that cannot be achieved by the traditional manufacturing process.


Automotive interior parts mostly belong to non-metallic materials such as PVC, ABS film, sheet, sheet, foamed plastic sheet, carpet and wood decorative plate.

Decorative parts with less stress are generally bonded with HMPSA for car.

Waterproof PP film or foam board will be used inside the door panel of each car.

Traditional automobile assembly plants use butyl rubber based sealant strip to stick PP film or foam board to the body.

In recent years, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives have been widely used in this field.

Because the hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive has higher elasticity, and can be easily removed from the vehicle body surface during repair.


HMPSA for car has the characteristics of rapid curing. As an environmental friendly hot melt adhesive.

It is widely used in the bonding of automobile roof, automobile door panel, automobile interior sealing, lamp manufacturing, windshield assembly, etc

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