Special adhesive for puppy pad


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive can be used for pet pads.

The pet pad generally includes a cotton core, a surface layer (non-woven fabric) and a bottom layer (PE film), and the cotton core is fixed between the surface layer and the bottom layer.

In the production process, it is necessary to use hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive to stick the cotton core, surface layer and bottom layer of the urine pad together to form a pet pad.


The product is light yellow transparent solid, with good melting fluidity and strong permeability;

No impurities, strong adhesion, strong anti-aging, non-toxic and harmless, and a wide range of equipment can be used for operation.

The packaging adopts fusible hot-melt film, and the adhesive blocks are not easy to adhere;

When in use, it is directly connected with the film and put into the glue box for melting, which avoids the tedious process of manually tearing off the shaped paper in the past, and is more simple and efficient.


The product is yellow and transparent, with strong adhesion, good aging, low temperature resistance – 20 ℃, light smell, adaptability to substrate, etc;

It can be used for common adhesive tapes, foam, plastic, paper and non-woven fabrics.

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